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Building your brand up is tough. Unfortunately, tearing it down is much easier. Protect it with professional online reputation management. 

Negative reviews and derogatory blog and forum posts can be created strategically for the sole purpose of destroying your business. If you are the target of such an attack, it can be a very stressful experience. There may seem to be no solution, but with our professional team of search engine marketing and reputation management specialists, it may be possible to reduce the unfair material in visibility or get it completely removed. 

The first step is to maintain awareness of what is being said about your business online. Our analysts will do exhaustive online research to find any unjustly negative material related to your staff, products or brand. We can do this on an ongoing basis. 

The next step is to request removal of the unfair material. If this is not possible, we can initiate a complete seo programme to reduce the visibility of such content by outranking it in the organic search engine results pages for your brand search terms. 

Effective Web Development Solutions

We believe that the best defense is a good offense, which is why we use a combination of content development and seo to replace any first page listings containing bad publicity with several web properties containing positive and truthful information about your business. We do this without attempting to damage the other sites in any way. While this strategy takes time - often several months or more - it is also extremely effective if executed correctly. It has the added benefit of strengthening the rankings of your main website in the organic search engine results pages for a potentially large number of brand related search phrases. 

Professional Brand Research

Granular Reporting

Full ORM Campaigns

Tactful Removal Requests

Why 'grind to shine' only to watch faceless internet trolls tear your brand to shreds? If you are the victim of undeserved online criticism, contact our northern Ireland based reputation management experts today. 

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Negative online publicity can result in a serious loss of brand equity and profits. Do not let this happen to your business - take decisive action now.


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