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Getting the data you need to create a solid plan will get your campaign off to a great start. Our keyword research and competitive analysis specialists can devise a plan that works. 

It is difficult to know where to start when you are new to the digital marketing space. Keyword analysis and selection can be daunting and developing an actionable plan that will work in a live online environment is extremely difficult. This is why we are here. Our analysts have years of practical experience in performance marketing and can apply their knowledge to your business.  Your competitors won't stand a chance. 

Before you work on getting your website ranked in google, you must have a list of relevant keywords that have traffic and commercial intent. Our advanced tools and methodologies can pinpoint the best keywords for you to target with your seo campaign. 

Integrating digital marketing communications channels and keeping track of performance indicators is tough if you don't have a plan. We design easy to follow digital plans that incorporate seo, google my business, ppc, cro and web analytics. 

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

There are many things to consider when researching keywords. Your target phrases must have sufficient search volume in order for your campaign to be worthwhile. This may involve ppc ( search based pay per click advertising, ideally on google's adwords platform ) testing to accurately gauge volume and/or creating a large list of 'long tail' phrases. Each keyword should also be assessed for competition levels and commercial intent. Your business will require an individualised approach to keyword research that takes budget, objectives, average visitor value and lifetime customer value into consideration. 

It is important to follow up your keyword research with competitive analysis and digital marketing planning. Keywords are a huge part of search engine optimisation, but before you even begin an seo campaign, you must know how good your competitors are. We can handle this step for you, with a full evaluation of your search engine competition carried out using our sophisticated tools and methods. All data gathered can then be integrated into a full scale written plan that will give you an unfair advantage over your competitors in the northern Ireland marketplace. This plan will also include strategies for capturing a bigger share of your market.  

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

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