Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Search engines are a consistent source of the highest converting traffic on the planet. Get your campaign set up and optimized for maximum ROI on the google adwords platform now. 

Pay per click advertising is now being effectively utilized by most of the world's biggest businesses. Xi8 media can help your business to benefit from PPC search and display ads, retargeting and youtube trueview ads via the google adwords platform. 

Search engine advertising is a fast and efficient way to get your message in front of the right people at the right time. Like organic listings, search ads are displayed on the search engine results pages ( SERPs ) in response to popular keyword search terms.

As an advertiser, you can therefore get clicks from targeted prospects in real time as they search for products and services just like yours. If you want to go beyond search ads, you can use the google display network and youtube to dramatically boost your traffic

Get found on google search

Google adwords offers search advertising solutions on a pay per click basis. As with an organic SEO campaign, with PPC search ads your website can receive steady and precisely targeted traffic that converts into more sales and revenue. 

Recover lost visitors with retargeting

Even a professionally set up and optimized PPC campaign will have a percentage of visitors that leave your website without converting. This is normal, but there is a way to target these 'lost' visitors with tailored banner ads - retargeting, also known as remarketing

Benefit from social and demographic ads

Facebook has a huge advertising platform that can be ideal for many local businesses. It allows for demographic targeting, which can be a hugely effective way to reach your target audience. 

Get high traffic volume with display advertising

Display advertising on the google display network is a great way to compliment your google search campaign. Display ads are most often used to get more prospects into the top of your sales funnel. 

Extend your reach with video ads

Youtube is the second most popular search engine in the world, behind google search. With youtube trueview video ads, your business can get a serious boost in visibility. 

Your business can beat the competition with a full scale digital advertising campaign that includes PPC search, display ads and retargeting. 


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We offer tailored PPC advertising solutions

Our google adwords qualified staff can manage your PPC campaigns efficiently.

See the difference that xi8 media can make to your online advertising results by contacting us today.


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