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Cost Per Action Marketing

For approved clients, we can offer cost per action ( CPA ) marketing solutions. You only pay for results. 

We offer a complete advertising solution to businesses that need to be more effective in their digital marketing. In reality, every penny should count, but too many companies waste huge chunks of their advertising budgets on ineffective marketing. Even effective advertising requires testing and significant expenditure before a positive return on your investment can be achieved. The solution? Hire a results focused digital advertising agency - xi8 media.

An increasingly popular approach to online advertising is performance, or cost per action, marketing. Unlike traditional advertising, wherein the clients pays regardless of whether they achieve their goals or not, with performance marketing, the client only pays for results.

We operate using the three main performance marketing models, CPA, CPL ( cost per lead ) and CPS ( cost per sale ). With CPA, you pay when you receive a specific action, for example if you are marketing a new mobile app in order to promote your business, you pay a set fee per install.

CPL refers to paying for a targeted, non-incentivized lead. An example would be an insurance firm that pays a set amount for every completed application form. With cost per sale, the advertiser only pays when they receive a sale of their product. 100% performance based marketing. 


Affiliate CPA campaigns


Campaign redesign projects


In house affiliate managers


CPA network partnerships


Real time mail reporting tools


Mobile CPA campaigns


All of the above approaches amount to the same thing for our clients – no risk. It is our job to set up, track, and optimize each campaign. We run all of our traffic internally, through our trusted advertising partners, so you can be assured of the highest quality leads and customers. All of our leads are highly targeted and non-incentivized, meaning you get what you pay for every time.

With performance based digital marketing, we offer an end to end solution. You don't need to create any ad campaigns, landing pages or banners. All marketing material will be created by our in house team. Nevertheless, your brand is important to us and we only run approved creatives on your behalf. Please note: cost per acquisition services are subject to a strict approval process. 

Is performance marketing an option for you?

If your business is ready to move to a higher level, we may be right for you

Our in house team members are experienced in running performance based campaigns on desktop and mobile advertising networks. We have access to the most advanced testing and optimization tools on the market and run everything on VPS and dedicated servers with military grade security. There is no other company in the Irish market that can deliver the results that we can - put us to the test. 

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